One comment on “Yankee Tools

  1. The drill points (bits) are specific to these tools only in the way they are held in the chuck. The half-notched end to drive the bit and V-shaped notch to retain it was patented by the original manufacturer of Yankee-brand tools, North Brothers Mfg. 1899. The chuck on most Yankee push drills, like your No.46, is slightly different but basically the same system. Drills (drill bits) w/ two straight flutes predate Yankee-brand drills and push drills generally. Straight flute drills were used for drilling metal and wood in many types of drilling equipment before twist drills were commonly available. Some of the first push drills used straight flute drills (called drill points by most push drill manufacturers), some used diamond-shaped drills (also called spear-pointed or pointed-spade). The diamond-shaped points were sometimes sharpened for right-hand cutting and sometimes for RH & LH cutting. The bi-directional points were likely a carry-over from similar bits used in older hand-held bow drills. Straight flute drills always cut in one direction only. They were the most common type of small, cheap drill (bit) for drilling wood from the late 19th century to almost the mid 20th century.

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