This is going to be an ongoing project for a while. I believe that it is a 1975 Yamaha motorcycle. I don’t really know many other details yet, hopefully I’ll get someone much more knowledgeable than myself to take a look at it soon. Hit the read more link for more pics and a little more info about the bike.

I went to visit my younger brother this weekend, and he had this yellow bike in his garage. It was left behind by the previous owners and he didn’t have a use for it. Not to mention that it was very broken and dirty.
So I threw it in the back of my car (with the help of my lovely wife), tied down the trunk with some rope and drove it back to my place.It is going to need a lot of work. Almost all of the electrical is unhooked and there is no battery.
The seat cover was all missing but the little bit that said Yamaha on the back. The seat was soaked in dirty oil. The gas tank isn’t connected to anything. The chain, brake cables and throttle are all missing.
But, when I pushed on the started the engine turned over. Yes it may yet workThis is the label, or at least most of it. The top has the numbers 3/75 on it so I’m guessing that is “THE DATE OF MANUFACTURE shoWN ABOVE” If anyone has any info or tips as I dive into this project I’d love to hear from you.