One day I was heading out on a trip and decided to pick up a disposable camera. At first glance it looked like any other photo desk. But this one wanted a little more from you than most.
Take a closer look at the sign on the desk:
This gives a whole new meeting to one hour photo.

Whenever I see a funny sign I try to take a picture. This is one of those pictures.

Who needs a well trained attack dog?
They didn’t even bother closing the door all the way, man is that place secure.

A while ago I went on a cruise down to the Caribbean. There I saw a unique solution to an everyday problem. How do you plug an American (NEMA 5-15) power plug into a non-American receptacle (L6-15)?
bent prongs
You just bend the prongs. Or..Cut the plug off all together and just shove the wires in.And here is the rest of it.